While we offer different package prices, we also offer our clients the flexibility of a la carte pricing.  

Please contact us to discuss your quote. 

Base Photography Rates

$1500 Full day - Single location, photography only

$1200 Full Day - In Studio, photography only 

$800 Half day - Single location, photography only

$600 Half day - In studio, photography only

$250 - One hour on location, photography only

$175 - One hour in studio, photography only

Digital Delivery Rates

$30 each, first 4 digital files

$115 for 5 digital files ($23.00 each)

$205 for 10 digital files ($20.50 each)

$260 for 15 digital files ($17.33 each)

$15 each if you select 30 or more digital files.

Print Rates*

Paper Prints (other sizes available)

$15/ea - 8x10

$8/ea   - 5x7

$5/ea   - 4x6

Canvas Prints (other sizes available)

$80/ea   - 8x10

$130/ea - 16x20

$160/ea - 20x30

$200/ea - 24x36

$325/ea - 30x45

$450/ea - 40x60

*Quantity discounts apply where applicable. The cost of materials for the lab fluctuates, and as such, so do our rates for printing. Prices are subject to change without notice.